Custom designs

new designs and ideas that you can't find on this page yet


Almost all year we are making small steps improving our designs or working on new one.
Our main interests are sailing canoes with crab claw sails, different types for various purposes, based on Marshall island tradition, but we also like other multihulls using crab claw sails.
All our designs are based on our knowledge, expirence, calculations and model tryouts if it’s necessary.

If you are intersted in our type of design but you can’t find boat type meet your needs, we can help with:

  • designing completely new boat, for cruising or day sailing in different size and features
  • meet your personal demand and design requests
  • advice with your canoe project if it overlap with our design
  • help with preparing documentation for boat certification

Please contact us via e mail: or use our contact form here. We anwser all your questions or star new design process with you 🙂