Try Proa - demo cruises

you will find here friendly spots and people who help you getting familiar with proa on water


We would like to invite you to try our boats. From that purpose we cooperate with two bases that have our boats ( PJOA FOLK and Laguna). They are placed on Hel peninsula in Poland. With great conditions for first sailing: shallow water, a lot of sun, prevailing winds from good directions, views, nice and helpfull people on the place. Ussually demo cruises are possible during sailing season which starts in half of may and last till the end of August.

BoSport Chałupy – windsuring and kitesurfing base on camping “Chałupy 3”.
Camping Chałupy 3
84-120 Władysławowo

DeSki Baza – windsurfing and kitesurfing base on Camping no.4 “Solar”

Camping Chałpy 4 “Solar”
Kemping Solar, Chałupy 4
ul. Droga Helska 4,
84 -120 Władysławowo
phone: +48 693 334 060

Please contact with chosen place before you want to sail. You will be able to rent boat and have basic traning before you go on water. If you would like to study a bit more please get familiar with our Basic Sailing Micronesian way.

Między Żaglami – place where you can try our proa on Zalew Zegrzyński.

We keep there our boats: PJOA Folk or Puch during season. Place is about 40 km form Warsaw on artificial lake. It is a boat rental with various boat types and activities.

Plaża dawnego Portu Jachtowego Nieporęt
ulica Wojska Polskiego 3
05-126 Nieporęt
GPS: 52.4365N 21.0383E

If you would like to try our proa in Między Żaglami please contact directly with us.