Originally designed, and fine crafted Crab Claw sails for proa and other boats.


During years of working on proa design, because of lack of Crab Claw sails, manufacturers and knowledge in this topic, from the begining we design and sew our sails by ourselfs. First one made from polytarp, temporary joined with gafer tape with time and more commercial purposes transformed into proffesionaly designed and original design.

Joining together our expirience as a designers and sailors, we would like to offer you proffesional service with designing and manufacturing Crab Claw sails not only for proas but form many different purposes.

Crab Claws sails for order:

We use for our boats our originally designed sails made out of Contender Super Cruise dacron or 240g/m2 poliester. For best aerodynamic performance we use pockets for boom and yard.
You can choose one from below and order:

  • 8 m2 – without reefing system – 320 EUR
  • 10 m2 – with zigzag reefing system – 400 EUR
  • 12 m2 – with zigzag reefing system – 491 EUR
  • 14 m2 – with zigzag reefing system – 561 EUR
  • 16 m2 – with zigzag reefing system – 655 EUR

Standard time for manufacturing is about 30 days. Each comes with our logo with black self adhesive dacron, sail bag is included.
(Given prices might change, and are not an offer)

For order please contact us via

Custom sails:

Beside our standard sail we also would like to offer a complex service with designing new sails with bigger area, for different boats than proa, with custom features and more. Before we start work for you, we always gather and point out all asumptions and features of new sail:

  • type of rigging
  • purpose
  • sail area
  • reefing system and amout of reefing steps
  • detailed fittings
  • custom finish – graphics, branding etc
If you are looking for custom, well designed and crafted Crab Claw sails please contact us:

Do your simple Crab Claw sail by yourself:

Below we are attaching short instruction how to make about 9 m2 sail on classic straigh spars. It is proper for Folk PJOA, from our expirience this sail can work for 2-3 seasons. To make this sail you will need:

  • 2x 5,2 m long holow spars about 6x6cm in the middle section and about 3x3cm at the end
  • Tarpaulin sheet about 4x5m or 5x5m
  • 1,5 m polypropylen or poliester 20mm wide stripe
  • scizzors, measure, double side tape, sewing machine, space for work
  • depend on your skills: 6-8 labour hours