Rigging design

crab claws rigging or different one to your boat


In our canoes you can find different type of sails, made on curved or straight spars. This design inspired by Marshall builders occure in many our custom changes, sometimes you can call them improvements. All it’s features were tested in various weather conditions and situations.

We would like to propose different rigging configurations to your boat. We like to promote crab claws sails and rigging based on them. In our opinion these lightweight and very efficient type of sails can work very good on different types of boats in example Wharram catamarans, trimarans etc.

Our rigging design include required calculations, all ropes configuation, mast, spars and reefing solutions required to your specific demand.

Please contact us via e mail: or use our contact form here. We anwser all your questions or star new design process with you 🙂