worth of attention, not only proa sites


Sites, where you find a lot of knowledge, boats projects, stories, places for sailing and renting boats, also our friend’s sites:

Canoes of the Marshall Island – Waan Aelon in Majel project site – Michael Schacht proa online journal – big site about multihull market with proa section
Chesapeake Light Craft – master boatbuilding hub, DIY, boat projects – a lot of boats projects – sport club in Warsaw and on Hel peninsula Poland, they have our canoe 🙂 – sport club with sails workshop, they have our canoe 🙂 – polish journal site about sailing
Miasto Szkutnia – boat builders, with great workshop in Warsaw
Między Żaglami – boat rental on Zalew Zegrzyński lake, our canoe is there 🙂 – kite and widsurfing school in Rewa
Bobrowe Żeremia – foundation focused on boat building, wood working, furnitures etc
Przedreptać ś – traveling blog – open wood workshop in Warsaw
Dinghy cruising association – famous UK dinghy fans association
Vakaledonie – facebook fanpage about Fijian proa sailing comunity
Drua expirience – facebook fanpage about Drua sailing canoe
500 Sails & Dolphin Club Saipan – cultural restoration project that aims to bring back the indigenous Chamorro and Carolinian sailing traditions of the Marianas islands.
Szkutnia po godzianch – boat builders from Warsaw