New boat from Pjoa family, avalible as plans:


    The PJOA FOLK proa is aimed at "Spartan" dinghy cruising on sheltered waters, in winds up to 3 Beaufort. The design is as close to traditional bots from the islands of Micronesia as possible, where they were and are used for crossing lagoons. The differences are dictated by modern materials applied which are available in our region and usually represent better parameters.

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  • Download plans broshure(english)
    Download plans broshure(polish)

    Including: basic infos, introduction, lists of: drawings, templates,

    price: 930 PLN | 215 EUR | 241 USD

    For order please contact us via e-mail:

    Please write us your name, shipping adress, additional questions.
    Delivery is not inlcuded in price.

Plans are avalible as well as ready made boat for order


Puch is a new member of PJOA family. A meter longer but still easy for handle and paddling.
Platform with more space for sunbathing :) Lightweight cedar and ply construction gives more classical look.
Better perform on water in more demanding conditions.
Puch PJOA will be avalible for order in autumn.
Plans in set with 12 sqm Crab Claw sail and basic fitting are avalible now!.
More photos and info soon...

Time for some skills training. We would like to introduce

an elementary guide how to sail proa.

download english / polish /russian

version of Sailing Micronesian way

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Outrigger Canoe for day sailing and more

  • PJOA offer’s you “boats with soul”. Based on aesthetic of exotic and long lasting tradition but built in modern technology. Concept of PJOA Laguna comes from islands of Oceania where people use boats called Proa from over 1000 years. They are essential to travel, cargo transport and fishing.

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  • Laguna is a very narrow pirogue with outrigger/hull for good balance springly connected together. Boats can be easly powered with paddles, electric outboard engine or with very characteristic sail. PJOA Laguna hulls are plastic, made with unique innovative technology and can be fully recyclable. They are finished with contrasting exotic wood elements. Resilient platform is made of aluminium and local good quality wood. Thanks to Polinesian roots PJOA boats has several features which you can’t find in other multihulls. They are very fast, safe, comfortable and non usual in boat handling. We put in this project our experience collected throught many years of sailing and design. This strong base connected with engeenering and innovative production technology makes PJOA.

    Lenght - 500cm (16,4')
    Beam - 315cm (10,3' )
    Mast height - 390cm (12,7')
    Weight rigged - 95 kg (210 lbs)
    Vaka (main hull) - 55kg (122 lbs)
    Ama (outrigger) - 13 kg (29 lbs)
    Aka (platform): 17kg (38 lbs)
    Crew - 2-4 person (max load 300kg, 660 lbs ),
    Crab law sail - 10.5/8.5 sqm
    Dimentions for storage, transport: 500x130x87cm (16,4'x 4,3'x 2,9')

Buy PJOA Laguna

Feel free to contact us for price list.

About PJOA

We are developing an idea of Proa based on traditional Micronesian outrigger canoes form last 10 years. Our goal is to offer a traditional boat in modern technologies. Buiding Proas is our passion driven by fascination and continous discovering new characters of Proa as a genius engineering of Pacyfic sailors and discoverers. PJOA Laguna matches design, expirience and original technology in first commercial Proa outrigger canoe. We work with local Polish suppliers who create with us final quality of PJOA. We are Poland, Warsaw beased company.


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