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Plans: PJOA Folk


The PJOA FOLK proa is aimed at “Spartan” dinghy cruising on sheltered waters, in winds up to 3 Beaufort. The design is as close to traditional bots from the islands of Micronesia as possible, where they were and are used for crossing lagoons. The differences are dictated by modern materials applied which are available in our region and usually represent better parameters.

FOLK is able to transport on cartop of bigger car with max load of 100kg. The bridge between hulls can accommodate a small tent, provided mast step is moved to the socket at the end of the bench.

Materials and technology

Folk was designed as easy to build boat using most common and well know DIY technologies, the main is stich&glue which allow to build hulls quite fast without advanced tools. 4 mm plywood, reinfroced with inner slats and laminated with glass & epoxy provides enough durability for sailing and maintenance. On Folk we used lighter and simplier (than Laguna and Puch) platform with elastic net and aluminum beams. Rigging include all basic functionalites but with simplier fittings. Basic sail you can easy sew in 1 day out of tarpaulin.

Plans include:
  • materials specification
  • suggested order of activities
  • 1:1 drawing of all key elements,
  • other drawings in regular scale and
  • license to build one boat.
FOLK general dimentions:
  • Lenght: 500cm (16,4′)
  • Beam: 310cm (10,2′)
  • Height: 590/540cm (19,4/17,7′)
  • Weight rigged: 85 – 90 kg (187 -198 lbs)
  • Vaka (main hull): 44 kg (96 lbs)
  • Ama (outrigger): 13 kg (29 lbs)
  • Aka (platform): 14 kg (31 lbs)
  • Crew: 2-4 person (max load 300kg 660 lbs)
  • Crab law sail: 8 sqm
  • Dimentions for storage, transport: 500 x 90 x 140cm

Plans price: 215 EUR (without shipping)
  • About 250-300 labour hours (without technology brakes)
  • basic and hand electric tools
  • cost of materials (in EU) about: 1000 EUR
  • space reqiurement for building about 6,5m x 3m
Full set of ropes and fittings

You can order full set of rigging ropes, fittings ingluding metal and plastic parts like: clamcleats, eyelets, blocks, cleats, holt hatches etc. Option avalible soon

Please contact us for order and prices via e – mail:

Plan overview:
Folk building gallery