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Few snapshots from a lecture on CrabClaws and Proas, held for JK Wrocław on 2020-02-12

The meeting took well above two hours, so few snapshots takes some time.
Polish speaking.


  • Dulieu Claude
    9 June 2021 at 21:59

    Congratulations ..! Go , go, go !
    Claude Dulieu (France )
    0 615770751
    Easy to build, (galvanize metallic tubes diameter 80/100 on the beam will be faster and better than traditional construction …
    Formule Evolutive with different options ( on the deck/more volume in the hulls ) but concept strong and “unbreackable”…
    Easy to assemble/disassemble quickely and trailable (upon ! or) behind a normal car ..
    Stockable and little maintenance/ ( in winter season) in limited garage…


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