DIY set for PJOA FOLK avalible now !

Hi proa builders! Finally we have our first DIY set for PJOA FOLK.
48 pieces set consist 4mm Okume CNC plywood cuts for:

  • sides, inner floors, bow and stern decks, splashboard for waka
  • sides, bulkheads, central stringer for ama

Drawings, stencils and instructions:

  • vaka, ama, platform, vaka bulkhead paper drawings in
  • paper stencils
  • suggested order of activities
  • license to build one boat
  • material specification

First set has just arrived to our customer and building process will start in following month 🙂

Prices and options:

Set is avalible in two types of plywood:

  • 4mm Okume plywood for about 1300 EUR (without shipping)
  • 4mm Pine plywood for about 1200 EUR (without shipping)

We calculate each price individulally due to actuall material costs.

Pine or Okume plywood?
Generally both materials are very good and checked in this contruction. Okume is a bit lighter and has better water resistance, grains are less visible so it is perfect for opaque finishes.
Pine is cheaper, a bit heavier has strong visible grain so it is good for solid color finishes.

In next step we would like to prepare simillar sets for PJOA Laguna 2, PJOA Cat600 and Cat800.

Please contact us for order and prices via e – mail:

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